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Tag Archives: logistics

Why is the top of a UPS truck white?

Because it’s a big translucent skylight. Which means that drivers can see what they’re doing without using electricity for internal lights. That’s a lot of electricity saved across their huge fleet. Simple, smart ideas like this are what gives a company the extra edge it needs to be truly great. Are you paying attention to […]

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Awesome greenness from Columbia Sportswear

Reduce, reuse, or recycle? Most businesses ignore the reuse option. Smart thinking (and right-on for this outdoorsy brand) from Columbia — a checkbox in the shopping cart that lets you request a used box. Save a ton of money, help the environment. (Most companies would reject this idea immediately as being unprofessional. But by asking […]

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Make it insanely easy to work with you

When I’m selling my book, I can list it for sale on Amazon in less than 15 seconds. I can fulfill an order (pack, postage, ship) in less than 60 seconds. All because Amazon has the easiest, fastest, simplest selling support system ever. And I’m happy to pay them a sizeable commission because they make […]

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