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Another native advertising deception

Companies that sell native advertising are telling advertisers that it’s the most effective advertising ever. But … they are only reporting half the story — that lots of people view and share native advertising. Native advertising is fundamentally deceptive. Why? Its purpose is to trick people into viewing ads by disguising them as regular content. […]

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Lies about Native Advertising

There’s a ton of money to be made in native advertising. In fact, it’s the most profitable and growing form of advertising. It’s also fundamentally deceptive and dishonest. The definition of native advertising is “making your ads look like some other editorial content” — so people click on them, not knowing that they are ads.  […]

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You shouldn’t be surprised about the FTC rules

Greg Gerik wrote an insightful post about one of my presentations on the importance of the FTC’s disclosure requirements. Read it here. He makes a great point: If you do not know the rules, you should not play the game. The time to learn how to … properly manage a sponsored campaign is not when […]

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