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Why did the white can freak everyone out?

Many people got angry about this fun Coke can. (Read: 1 2 3) Why? Because it looked like a Diet Coke can. You didn’t realize that you were drinking the wrong thing until it was too late.  There are a few interesting lessons from this: Testing is important. You need an outside perspective and a fresh […]

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You need a 14-year-old boy

Every so often companies get in trouble for an ad campaign that has some dirty double entendre. Sometimes they do it on purpose, but usually they miss it. Because mature professionals aren’t looking for crude sex references in everything. Maybe you need a teenager or frat guy to help avoid unintentional scandal or offence. A […]

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This one mistake turns away so many customers

While you’re spending money trying to attract customers, your web designer may be turning away searchers. Take a minute to search Google for your company. Are you getting a great description of what you do?   Or does it say, “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt”? This happens […]

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3 common word of mouth mistakes

This is a post from our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day. When it comes to word of mouth marketing, there’s a lot of room for trial and error. It’s OK to experiment, to make mistakes, and to learn along the way. But there are a […]

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Why do companies still put this dumb thing in their emails?

This e-mail message is authorized for use by the intended recipient only and may contain information that is privileged and confidential. If you received this message in error, please call us immediately at (###) ###-#### and ask to speak to the message sender. Please do not copy, disseminate, or retain this message unless you are […]

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