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Always have a handout

If you’re going to make a speech, make sure everyone in the room walks away with something to share and remind them of you. If you don’t, you’ve wasted your time. Read this post for more. What will they show their friends? What will they take back to the office? Denise Gabel has a great […]

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You are replaceable

It doesn’t matter if you have a fantastic product if your customer service is average or bad. Why? Because someone else makes something almost as good.  Sooner or later, most customers will leave you for a company that treats them better (even if the price is a bit higher or the product is a bit […]

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The best social media monitoring program ever

You should be tracking the word of mouth about your company. You should know what is being said about you in blogs, reviews, and social media. If you’re a big company, you should hire one of the great monitoring firms out there.  If you’re a small company, you can do it yourself. Either way, it’s […]

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