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BlogWell: How big brands use social media

1. It’s all about big business BlogWell is the only conference devoted to learning how big businesses successfully participate in social media. You’ll learn directly from the executives at the largest corporations in the world who are engaging in this right now. Learn More 2. 8 amazing case studies Hear case studies from the biggest […]

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From the new edition of my book: Word of mouth case study — Microsoft

Over on our GasPedal blog, You Can Be a Word of Mouth Supergenius!, we're highlighting a new case study from the revised edition of my book each day this week. Today's case study focuses on Microsoft and how their MVP program has been successfully energizing talkers long before blogs and social media. Here's a few […]

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2.5 million evangelists

Microsoft has announced that the public beta of Windows 7 is “limited to 2.5 million downloads.” This is fantastic word of mouth marketing. A few people will actually do a rigorous beta test, but all 2.5 million people now have an emotional stake in the success of the product.  When 2.5 million bosses walk down […]

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Microsoft: Let your fans support you.

Microsoft just opened their first online store. It’s boring. It just sells software. The irony is that Microsoft is in the middle if a gigantic ad campaign to rally their fans: I’m A PC. I think it’s a fantastic campaign. It makes customers feel great. It’s the perfect response to Apple’s negative campaign ads. I […]

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