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A good management philosophy from the Marine Corps

4 UNIVERSAL TENETS OF MARINE CORPS PROBLEM SOLVING (From this great article in Fast Company by E.B. Boyd, with great photography too.) 1. EMBRACE THE 70% SOLUTION If there’s 70% confidence, Marines make those choices…now. “Between a good decision now and a great decision later, you choose the good decision now,” says Capt. Jake Owens. […]

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Punish the Troops: Ban Facebook in the Military

{Here's a re-post of my latest for the Huffington Post.} Your high school reunion. Your best friend's new baby. Your sister's birthday party. You'll never see those pictures because you're in the military and the Department of Defense wants to turn off Facebook and Twitter for our troops according to a great story by Noah […]

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Lessons from the USS Nimitz #4: What “appreciating our troops” really means

(This is part of a series of posts about my trip to the USS Nimitz with a group of bloggers. Guy Kawasaki tells the story best. Click the photos for close-ups.) I consider myself a patriot, but I’ve never had any real contact with the armed services. I read about it in the paper while […]

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