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Stop subscribing prospective customers to your email updates without asking permission.

It’s rude. They will probably think you’re an asshole. You’re definitely going to lose the sale. Why? Because everyone knows that it’s common courtesy to only email after asking permission. Because nobody wants to buy from someone too stupid to use common courtesy or common sense.

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Why did I need to know this?

If you have an opportunity to talk to your customers (or prospects) — don’t waste it.    Attention is rare and grudgingly given to a marketer. Make sure that if you ask for attention, you’re saying something worth hearing.   Or you may never get another chance.   Nobody likes the annoying neighbor who keeps […]

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So many sales lost…because of one important action

I am a big fan of Woot’s email promotions. More here. But they stopped coming months ago — and I didn’t notice. Because nobody cares about missing a sales email, however good it might be.  The only reason I noticed that they were missing is that they suddenly started showing up again. Most likely, they had an […]

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Over-emailing your customer list is always, always bad marketing. There is absolutely no reason to think your customers want to get a special offer every day. When you over-mail, you just turn happy customers who would be happy to hear from you occasionally into annoyed ex-customers. So why do marketers do it? Because of a fundamental […]

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How to kill your email list

For some reason, a major concert promoter thinks I live in NYC instead of Austin. And I can’t find a way to tell them otherwise. So they send me announcements every day for NYC/New Jersey concerts. So I unsubscribed, and they lost the chance to sell me tickets in my hometown. I bet thousands of […]

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Dang, just missed it

I love this idea: Austin’s Pizza emails out a great coupon every Friday, just before lunchtime. And we have a big staff lunch every Friday. (And it’s an interesting email, and they have great pizza.) But it arrived at 12:18 today. We already ate. (They usually miss the lunch hour by a few minutes. We […]

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Why did they unsubscribe?

Why don’t you just ask them, like SmartBrief does in their unsubscribe page?

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A great email subject line

From: Chris Carfi Sent: Thursday, August 21 To: Andy Sernovitz Subject: Hey! Our clients are doing cool stuff! Chris, thanks for reminding us: It’s not about you. It’s about how successful you make other people.

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The worst place to put an email subscribe form

We have certain places that we expect to see things on websites. Search goes in the top right corner. That’s the convention that web designers have chosen, and web users have learned to expect. So don’t put any other form in that spot — especially your email subscribe form. If you do, you’ll have an […]

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