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How to get busy/important people to call you back

If you want some famous author, CEO, or celebrity to return your call/email/LinkedIn message, here are a few tips: Say exactly what you want in the first sentence of the first message. Be specific. Say what you want them to do. Explain your connection to the person. Provide 1-2 sentences that establish your credibility. Include […]

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Did you ask them to comment?

I bet they will. When someone writes a blog post that mentions me, sometimes I notice it, sometimes I don’t. But every so often, the author emails me a note and asks me to comment, and I do. If you really want comments and discussion on your blog, don’t just sit back and hope people […]

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How to get someone to blog about you

1. Just ask nicely 2. Give them something to blog about Example: John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing sent me a nice shirt and a nice note. That's all it took. Before your PR firm launches some complex, expensive blogger-relations stunt, first try sending a note instead. Important: It only works if you're friends with […]

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