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Should I pay for referrals?

Dear Andy: A client of mine wants to have a referral program with his clients and wants to compensate those that give him new clients. I’m looking at a few solutions but thought I’d run it by you. Any thoughts? – LH Hi LH – My advice is always NEVER to provide incentives for referrals, […]

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BlogHer continues to lead on paid blogging ethics

Watch this video from Ad Age where BlogHer's Elisa Page talks about the importance of ethics around paid blogging.  As Elisa says, "the mere disclosure that a blogger is accepting money to include product mentions in a post is not enough to solve the problem." BlogHer's principles of separating advertising and editorial are right on. 

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An ethical way to earn a living as a blogger

Many people misunderstand my ongoing opposition to spam-shop Izea as opposition to bloggers earning a living.  To be clear: Bloggers have every right to have a business, to sell advertising, and make a living — if you follow the basic rules of ethics and disclosure that have existed for decades in all forms of media. […]

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