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The No-Pants Problem

I want to buy from you.  But I’m not wearing any pants.  (Actually, I am. But my wallet is in some other room, in my work pants.) I get to your web site checkout. There’s only one way to pay: credit card. There’s no way I’m getting off that couch to find my pants with […]

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Don’t make me wait — I’ll love you for it

Sometimes it takes a while to deliver a product or service. This is a high-risk moment for your relationship with your customer. We get grouchy when we get bored. What can you do to keep folks happy while they’re waiting? Distract them with some entertainment or information. Give them clear information about how long they […]

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Customer service should always be this fast and easy

I emailed PayPal to cancel an add-on service to my business account. They responded a few minutes later and did what I asked. No upsell, no pressure, no hassles. Good job, PayPal. I’ll be back. Dear Andy Sernovitz, Thank you for contacting PayPal. I did go ahead and cancel the Website Payment Pro and Virtual […]

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