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You’d be fired if you paid for fake testimonials in your TV ads …

… so why would you even consider using a service like Izea to pay bloggers to write about you? Just because it's social media doesn't make it right. This isn't an issue of fine lines and gray areas: Writing an endorsement of a product you have never used is illegal and has always been illegal […]

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On The Media Interview: How to be an ethical marketer. Why it’s wrong to pay for blog coverage.

Welcome to all the new readers who heard me on On The Media this morning. I did an interview with host Bob Garfield about the most important issue in the world of blogging: ethics.  Specifically, we talked about what happens when marketers pay for placement in blogs. (More here) Paying for blog coverage — what […]

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Rhett and Link Perform Live at BlogWell: The Internet Overdose Song

Rhett and Link are performing live at BlogWell: 8 Great Case Studies on Corporate Social Media. (So are Coca-Cola, Nokia, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, GE, Tyson, Turner Broadcasting System, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.) New York | April 29, 1-5pm | Watch Rhett and Link perform the Internet Overdose Song: And, just for […]

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