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Spam vs. Viral

Seth Godin is a man who defined honest and effective email for all of us. Permission Marketing and Unleashing the Ideavirus are required reading for our team. Here’s a healthy reminder of the biggest ideas in email from two of Seth’s recent blog posts: Is this spam? If you have to ask, it probably is. The […]

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All you need to do is ask. Really!

Want to connect with customers? Want to be able to send them great offers that bring them back again and again? Want to do it for free? Before you embark on a complex social media program or an expensive ad campaign… First — just ask them to sign up for a simple email newsletter. It’s […]

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The most important secret in creating viral videos

Get subscribers, not viewers. Viewers come, watch, maybe share — and you have no way to reach out to them ever again. Get them to subscribe to a video channel instead. 1.) Create a proper channel on YouTube or Vimeo (it’s easy), and 2.) Ask for a subscribe in every single video. What happens? Your […]

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A proven secret that most email marketers miss

There’s a sweet spot between send me your email and unsubscribe. The magical send me less email. Keep the customer, keep selling to them, and keep them happy.

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Abuse of trust

Did you ever wonder why so many consumers hate businesses? Often it’s because businesses take advantage of the relationships we have with them. When I bought a camera from Casio, I was pretty excited about the relationship. I bought several models over the years, convinced many friends to buy one, and blogged about them more […]

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How a single email turns a customer into an enemy

I walk into a car dealer and ask to see a specific car. They don’t have it in stock, so they offer to email me when they have one. Then they put me on their email promotion list. So I’m getting emails I don’t want, every week. I never gave permission for that. The result […]

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You should get mad when software companies do this to you

Don’t tolerate it when software installs extra stuff on your computer without asking (or asking so sneakily that you didn’t know they asked). One day we found every computer in our office was now running McAfee anti-virus, even though Norton is what we use, because a sleazy Java update snuck it in and installed it. […]

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Give me a reason to “like” your Facebook page

Just because your friends like you doesn’t mean they are going to like your Facebook page. Bombing them with requests makes it worse. People support you when you give them value and meaning for their time. Copy this smart move by Guy Kawasaki on the page for his new book “Enchantment” — Like the page […]

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Email standards are slipping

eBay suddenly started sending a “Daily Deals” email to all their customers. I’m sure their lawyers found some loophole in the terms of service that says they can email you whenever they want. But it’s unasked for, and unwanted, and that’s spam. I don’t want an email from them every day. They know that I […]

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