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#1 simple way to grow your email list and get free research

Just ask. The confirmation page of your shopping cart should have a newsletter sign-up form and a short survey. These people just gave you money. Of course they’ll want your newsletter. What better time to ask?

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Are you suddenly getting emails from the companies you never hear from?

If you haven’t emailed me all year, don’t email me now. Lots of marketers give into the temptation to bomb their email list at the end of the year to crank up sales. Stupid. They’re like the creepy relative who only shows up at the holidays looking for cash. My inbox is flooded with emails […]

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You forgot to ask if I wanted more

I was on a flight with wireless internet. I booted up, checked it out, and decided I didn’t want to spend the money for this flight. But I might next time. By checking out their page, I gave them a huge hint that I’m a qualified prospect. Too bad they didn’t ask for my email, […]

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Why did you add me to your email list?

I didn’t ask. That means it’s spam. Simple as that. You’re not special. You hate it when people add you to to their spam list. So why would you add “just a few people you think are interested.” Even if they are, they now think you’re an idiot or an ass because you think you […]

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Ask for permission, don’t force it

I signed up to get a free chapter of a book. Buried in the fine print was, “you agree to allow us to contact you and provide information on products and services”. So they want to spam me. Permission has to be given willingly. Reluctant permission is bad permission. If someone doesn’t realize that they’re […]

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No spreadsheet tells you when you’re being an ass #5

I bought a new car. It came with a 3 month trial of satellite radio. I didn’t subscribe. But the car dealer gave my phone number to the satellite company. (This’ll be the last time I buy from them.) The satellite company keeps robo-dialing my phone and not leaving a message when I don’t answer […]

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Enroll your user’s users

I’m not sure I’m endorsing the following technique, but it works. When someone invites you to a conference call on WebEx or GoToMeeting, you see a screen at the end of the call asking if you’d like to try the service too. This is an incredibly effective marketing technique. You have a live prospect. They […]

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How to become an email marketing genius: The Simmer

Great email is about the simmer sale. Not the hot sale — the simmer. Like a great stew that simmers forever until it’s perfect. It’s the best thing ever invented to keep a huge number of leads happy for a very long time, at very low cost, until they are ready to buy. I look […]

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How to NOT get email subscribers

I was about to sign up for 4 email newsletters from a magazine. They could have emailed me every week, for years. And sold me stuff. But they got greedy and made all sorts of personal data mandatory. And now they get nothing. (Now do your homework. Read Permission Marketing.)

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