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Free the Facts

Did you know that the vast majority of scientific knowledge — that you paid for — is locked away? Dave Gray explains … Free the facts from Dave Gray

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Let’s get some perspective, people

Let’s stop complaining and fighting over petty stuff. Let’s get past the childish, partisan bickering and nastiness. Because you can’t do anything about a meteor … But you can think about what you can do to make life better, for yourself and others, each and every day.

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We better figure out this gun thing quickly …

You can already make a gun, in your home, with a 3D printer. 3D printers are hitting the mainstream and prices will plummet. Which means that in 5 years or less, anyone can make a gun, in their house, in a few hours, in secret, with a $200 home 3D printer. The future is coming […]

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7-Election: Connecting your marketing to the news, the right way

Every election, 7-11 runs a great promotion: You can vote by choosing a soda cup for your your favorite candidate. They give real-time stats, regional data, and even exclusive (silly) video coverage from The Onion. This is quality marketing. It’s a reason for customers to get involved, to talk about the brand, to share it […]

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Be nice to the voters

Sometimes a chance to be awesome shows up on your doorstep. I love these smart businesses who found their store behind a long line of people waiting to vote in Bonita Springs, FL. Action One Computers and Jordan’s Aluminum opened up their bathrooms to voters and gave out free water and popcorn. Being nice to people […]

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How to fix voting

It’s absurd and shameful that we don’t have a modern voting system. The way we gather votes is primitive and, frankly, embarrassing. As the world’s leading democracy, we need to do better. We have amazing technology in this country. If I can get a satellite photo of every house in America with my smartphone, and […]

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The truth about small business and health care

I don’t know a single small business owner who wants to deal with the hassles, time, and expense of providing health coverage to its employees. Frankly, my team’s personal health issues should be private and none of my business. (But I do care about making sure they have health care.) I would ecstatically hand over […]

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Smash the system

Do you want to make meaningful change in society? Do you want to fix things? Do you want to make it better? It’s not going to happen through politicians — of either party. Some are better, some are worse. But changing politicians to improve the country is like changing your wiper blades and hoping your […]

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The Best Word of Mouth Marketing Campaign of 2012

How the town of Troy, MI saved their library (more here): Troy Library from Jennie Hochthanner on Vimeo.  

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