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Why tech gurus will never understand the Kindle

All the tech bloggers are comparing the new Kindles to the iPad. Which isn’t the right analysis at all. The Kindle isn’t targeted at techies and power users with money. It’s for moms. I doubt the techie community can get their heads around the ad below. But Better Homes and Gardens outsells Wired 10 to […]

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Be interesting, or be invisible

I talked to two extremely talented email designers today. This is what they do, and they do it really well. There are a lot of companies with email newsletters and almost no specialty design shops to make them great. Then they said, “We really want to get into all kinds of ecommerce design.” I really […]

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How to compete when it’s not about price is making a huge change — they used to compete on price, but now it’s about service. I used to book rooms through them to save money. Now I do it because they saved my butt (several times): One time our entire staff was booted from an overbooked hotel the night before our big […]

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You’re going to pick the place with the special extra thing

This hotel restaurant has a kid’s play area. It’s nothing special. Unless you’re a parent on vacation who wants to eat a meal in peace. Sometimes your big competitive advantage is what brings you a new customer. Sometimes it’s the extra little thing you add. Success is picking the right ones, and not getting distracted […]

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It’s the frosting, not the cake

Your main product may have nothing unique to keep customers loyal. It may be good, but not special. Solution: Look for something you can add around the product that gives people a reason to love you. A different package, better service, or an add-on that changes the experience. Walgreens can’t do anything to change the […]

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When does your brand become immortal?

When customers will pay cash to wear your logo.

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Want to change behavior? Make it easier.

Want people to use refillable bottles? Give them a bottle. The simple solution in this picture (plus a dishwasher to clean the used bottles) makes it impossible to not think about the benefits of refillable bottles. Don’t scold, demand, or pressure people into changing. Show them how instead — and make it easier. (I strongly […]

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Emphasize what’s different

Most books are the same: Lots of words, minimal design. Which means that all ebook readers are pretty much the same. They let you read a book. So how can you compete when your competitors do the same thing as you? Find one core feature and emphasize it. Talk about the point of difference. Apple […]

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Chief Inefficiency Officer says, “Don’t screw up the whisky!”

So many companies build something great — then go off a cliff when they forget to stop at the top. How are you balancing innovation with execution and tradition? Sometimes it’s OK to stop changing and instead invest your effort in keeping something great. That’s the challenge facing Rob Samuels as he prepares to take […]

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