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Get everyone to help with the PR

US News & World Report is famous for their rankings of the top hospitals and schools. How did they get so famous? One of their secrets is that all the winners are given one week advance notice to prepare their own PR campaigns about the rankings. Instead of the magazine having to get its own […]

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How to get press coverage

Inc. Magazine editor Jane Berentson shares some priceless advice on how to get press coverage.  The big ideas: A press release will never beat a good conversation. Talking to an editor, about who you really are, is how you get the story. Canned press releases do not work. Hiring an agency to send canned press […]

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The U.S. Navy’s case study: What to do when public debate spills onto your social media properties

Come to our upcoming BlogWell: How Big Brands Use Social Media conference in Seattle to hear REI, The Clorox Company, Deluxe, Microsoft, Itron, MillerCoors, Cargill, and Boeing share 8 great case studies on corporate social media. You’ll learn how to get started, get past roadblocks, and make your social media program phenomenal — and you’ll […]

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Did you ask them to comment?

I bet they will. When someone writes a blog post that mentions me, sometimes I notice it, sometimes I don’t. But every so often, the author emails me a note and asks me to comment, and I do. If you really want comments and discussion on your blog, don’t just sit back and hope people […]

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Apologize like you mean it

How many times do you have a problem with a company and all you want is an apology. And they say everything but “I’m sorry.” When you screw up: Take responsibility. Apologize for real. No mealy, bullshit, weasel words, like “we’re sorry that you feel that way.” Do it fast. Here’s a great example from […]

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Dirty Dishes

DISH Network is hiring sleazebags to use fake names to post spam comments to blogs. Illegal, unethical, and pathetically amateur. New comment on your post “Great Example of Customer Service via Twitter: Verizon” Author : Andrew (IP: , E-mail : URL : Whois : Comment: Even though I work for a […]

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Q. How do we STOP a blogger from writing about us?

A. Send them a canned pitch from your PR firm. These pitches are awful, off-topic, and off-putting. They also all look the same. Why would a blogger write a post being pushed by some junior PR rep? Every other blog is going to have the identical post. These pitches are instant turn-offs to bloggers. We […]

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Do you have a database field for blogs?

You have some kind of contact database. Do you have a field to enter each person’s blog URL? So many companies struggle to find the secret formula to get bloggers to write about them. They think that there’s some big list or inside track that certain PR firms have. Here’s the big secret: Bloggers are […]

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Before you pay for a big, expensive, gimmick campaign to impress a blogger …

Try something simple. Like inviting them over for tea and conversation. Don Levy at Sony Pictures wanted Oscar bloggers to write about the visual effect of the movie. Academy voters don’t necessarily have access to the same level of knowledge and understanding about the work that members of the visual effects branch, who do the […]

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