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How to get someone to blog about you

1. Just ask nicely 2. Give them something to blog about Example: John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing sent me a nice shirt and a nice note. That's all it took. Before your PR firm launches some complex, expensive blogger-relations stunt, first try sending a note instead. Important: It only works if you're friends with […]

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Sign up for the Ragan Word of Mouth Mini Crash Course; May 6, Chicago

On May 6, I'm going to be giving a condensed version of the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course specifically for corporate communicators at the Ragan Corporate Communicators Conference here in Chicago. If you've been interested in the Crash Course but haven't been able to afford or find the time for the full course, this […]

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Three secrets to making your message go viral

Great ideas from Dan Heath and Chip Heath their Fast Company column.  They talk about some the WOM classics that we featured in the 2006 WOMMA conference, including The National Outdoor Leadership School, the Fiskars campaign from Brains on Fire, and a nice lesson from Emanuel Rosen's great book "The Anatomy of Buzz". If you […]

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KFC wants to fix your potholes

KFC has offered to fix all the potholes in 4 U.S. cities (with a KFC logo imprint on the patch). This is a fantastic PR/word of mouth stunt: The press coverage has been fantastic, everyone will be talking about it, and it address economic issues without being a downer.  There is a definite overlap between […]

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The future of PR

Good thoughts from Valeria Maltoni on the future of PR and social media. Good PR comes at a cost – research, the experience of knowing what's important, the relationships we build to offer content that people want to make part of their lives. New media helps do the rest – it helps reinforce the publics' […]

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