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Packaging counts

Same product (sparkling water). More convenient box. I’ll buy the one that fits in the fridge. Are you too focused on core features and missing the simple, peripheral thing that is driving away customers?

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$5 to make hundreds of customers happy

A simple $5 power-outlet splitter in a hotel room makes life easier for hundreds of travelers who stay there. Why doesn’t every airport and hotel invest $500 and create 100 power stations like this? Travelers would be much less stressed, which would make it easier on everyone — especially the staff who has to deal […]

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The difference between good and awesome

Good isn’t good enough anymore. That’s what gets you a seat at the table. Awesome is what turns customers into raving fans. Awesome doesn’t have to be a radical new product. Awesome doesn’t have to be big budget. It can be one little detail that makes your customer’s life easier. Example: YouTube will give you […]

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Details matter. But which ones?

It’s the attention to detail that takes you from bland to excellent. It’s what sets you apart by giving your customers a better experience in ways they may not even consciously recognize. Example: A lower sink for kids can be a big deal for parents who want fewer hassles. It becomes one of the details […]

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One of the all-time cleverest things ever

Did you ever notice that when a box of Kleenex gets near the bottom, the tissues change color to yellow? It’s so the cleaning crew knows when to replace a box with least waste.

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Just tell me how it works

It seems like I spent half my workday fiddling with chair adjustment levers. Most chairs are like a helicopter control panel. Someone smart at HON finally put the instructions where they should be — on the lever. Some designer there was probably offended that the print messed up her great design aesthetic. But customers are […]

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How long are your shirt tails?

A good men’s shirt has long tails (it keeps the shirt tucked in). A manufacturer can save millions by slicing a few inches off the bottom of every shirt. Bad companies look at this as a spreadsheet question: How much money can we save by reducing fabric quantity? But the most important data never shows […]

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How to screw better

One final thought for the year: There is always a way to make something better. Even something as simple as this computer bolt. Bolts and screws have been around for centuries, but someone still figured out how to make it easier for users: A slot big enough to use a dime if you don’t have […]

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Why is the top of a UPS truck white?

Because it’s a big translucent skylight. Which means that drivers can see what they’re doing without using electricity for internal lights. That’s a lot of electricity saved across their huge fleet. Simple, smart ideas like this are what gives a company the extra edge it needs to be truly great. Are you paying attention to […]

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