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I can’t believe we’re still doing that

This blog has a thingy where you can display posts by month written. So do lots of other blogs. Who the hell needs that? Has anyone used that, ever, on any blog? Why would you need to see my old posts from any particular month? It’s there because the first blog software had it. So […]

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Chief Inefficiency Officer says, “Don’t screw up the whisky!”

So many companies build something great — then go off a cliff when they forget to stop at the top. How are you balancing innovation with execution and tradition? Sometimes it’s OK to stop changing and instead invest your effort in keeping something great. That’s the challenge facing Rob Samuels as he prepares to take […]

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You’ll be a happier person if you remove unnecessary complexity

A paper towel holder doesn’t need to be fancy. A stick will work: A device with springs and gears and 15 parts will break: A fancy stick, that looks nice in your kitchen, is the simplest solution that meets the functional goal (including the “looking nice” function). Lesson: Simplify your life by seeking the minimum […]

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Make it part of a system

This boom box also charges the batteries for DeWalt power tools. Once you have the radio, you’re going to keep buying the tools that match so you don’t need to worry about bringing a charger to the job site. Great move by DeWalt. (They should give away the radios.) Lesson: Think about how you can […]

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Quiz: Fax machine, car radio, or …

Take a careful look at this control panel. What do you think it's for? It's an oven. This is the worst example of over-complicated product design I've ever seen.  As you can imagine, my 93-year old grandmother can't figure out how to bake a potato with it. Finish this sentence: "A suitable punishment for the […]

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