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Tag Archives: product marketing

Simplest way to get people to buy from you

If your product isn’t all that different, how can you get people to buy from you? Look for the simplest possible improvement in the experience, not the product. Example: I buy Del Monte beans because I don’t need to mess with a can opener. It only takes one great feature to put you in the […]

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When is the wrapping better than the gift?

Amazon gift cards come in this great metal gift box. Same gift card, much more impressive gift. Bonus for Amazon if the recipient saves the box and thinks about Amazon every time they use it. Presentation and packaging matters when your stuff is just like your competitor’s stuff. Change the game by changing how it’s delivered. […]

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Show it, don’t say it

Check out this simple display in a toy store. The fun spinny toy is spinning, funly. It’s not sitting in a box on a shelf with all the other stuff. The manufacturer wins by helping its retailer do a better job of showing off the product. Lesson: Who do you need to tell your story […]

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How to turn a problem into a benefit

When they started mass producing yogurt, it was difficult to blend the flavor with the plain yogurt. So they just squirted in the flavor first. Then some marketing genius declared “Fruit on the Bottom!” was a better kind of yogurt. The problem became the main selling feature. Another example: It’s hard to store and deliver furniture […]

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