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Our amazing cheap-ass video-conference setup

We’re incredibly productive across 3 offices with this really cheap videoconference setup.  Amazing what you can do: 1 Dell Studio Hybrid PC from the Dell Outlet ($379) 1 Logitech C910 full HD video camera ($99) 2 Samsung 40" HDTVs ($650 each) Skype 5.0 Beta – with free 5-way video conferencing (free)  GoToMeeting – for screen […]

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Do the big things first — you’ll be happier and more productive

Did you just have another overworked day? A day where you did a million little things, and still didn’t get the only thing that matters done? Stephen Covey explains why:

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Don’t send someone an email at a time you wouldn’t call them on the phone

On this final day of winter vacation for many people, resist the urge to send emails to co-workers.  You may be happy to clean out your inbox and get ahead of the game, but it’s not fair to the recipients (especially if they report to you).  You take away their right to enjoy the full […]

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