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Are you asking or ordering?

If you want people to help you — ask them nicely.  Please and Thank You go a long way. This sign (at the Denver Science Museum) does a great job. It asks you to help — which makes you feel like a good person doing someone a favor. I bet it works a heck of a […]

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Turn your waste into your next product

People are paying extra for the leftover cheese at Whole Foods. The “Goat Cheese Crumbles” cost more than the regular goat cheese. And it’s just the leftover bits. What are you throwing away that could become your next new product?

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Super easy

Want to get people to change their behavior?  Take away the excuses. When I bought a new cell phone from Amazon, it included this envelope to recycle my old one.  If it hadn’t been for the envelope, I would have thrown the old phone in a drawer.  HP does the same thing with used toner […]

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