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Happiness is the billion-dollar secret

Why would you buy from They sell full price, expensive shoes that you can get anywhere else. Because … They make us fall in love with amazing, caring service. They’ll talk to us in the middle of the night about our weird feet and bunions. They humor our fetish and let us order shoes […]

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No means no

So I brought my family to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World — which is one of the most impressive retail stores ever built. An amazing shopping experience. We may have been there to buy a $30,000 party boat. But they’ll never know. Because we left annoyed. At the front door were six people trying […]

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The future of shopping: Amazon Remembers

Amazon Remembers is an astonishing tool. It's buried inside the Amazon iPhone app. You take a picture of something. Hit submit. Amazon figures out what it is. You get a link to the product page on Amazon. I tested it on the most boring product I could find: A bottle of water. Five minutes later: […]

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Why I think Walmart is the biggest force for green business

Market forces drive change more than regulation or consumer enthusiasm ever could.  Walmart is using their power to push 60,000 supplier to green up their product lines. It's impressive.  Just as important, they are making green options affordable to everyone. Read more here from the New York Times. 

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7-Eleven: Giving people a reason to talk about you

There are three 7-Eleven stores within two blocks of my office. Every so often, they do something that gets everyone talking about them. This time it’s the "7-Election" campaign, where you cast a vote for Obama or McCain when you choose your coffee cup.  Not scientific, but a lot of fun. Kudos to 7-Eleven for […]

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