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Super Bowl

Ze Frank speaks for me: I share this video almost every Super Bowl because of this line: “Everyone knows it takes millions of dollars to create compelling content.” Ze’s Website

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When you’re replaceable, your customer service can’t be

We pay a lot for a traditional phone line. But when it goes dead, we start using mobiles and Skype. And they work just fine. When the fancy email server crashes, we realize that Gmail works fine. When the copy machine breaks, we just scan and print stuff. And cancel the lease on the copy […]

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How do you treat junior-level employees?

As a young entrepreneur, I was in a VC’s office asking for money. He took a call from one of his portfolio companies and chewed out the CEO. In front of me. I should have walked out of the room. I didn’t have the experience at the time to appreciate that he was an ass […]

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Help your guests feel welcome

A little sign turns a random visit into a special occasion. Put a visitor’s name by the front door and they’ll know you care. And, just maybe, they’ll be in a better mood and you’ll get a better result from the meeting. The little things matter.

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How can you make life easier for everyone?

Every toy with a battery requires a screwdriver to open the childproof battery compartment. Leapfrog replaced it with a screw you can open with a penny. Hassle gone + kid happy = parent buys more from you. What tiny little thing can you change to thrill your customers?

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What if you’re too small to get word of mouth?

Answer: Team up with friends! Your little business may not generate break-through buzz. But a crew of similar businesses with more to talk about can become a buzzworthy story. 12 local Chicago childrenswear designers joined together to create the Kooky Children’s Shop. They now have enough collective activity to support a group website and pop-up […]

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Earning really, really slow word of mouth

Sometimes you want people talking about you every day. Sometimes, you need them to talk about you every so often — once a month, once a year, or when someone asks. If you sell something like flooring, you want your customers to remember your name for a long time. When a friend asks a customer […]

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An entrepreneurial lesson I wish I learned 10 years ago

Every business decision is a choice about how to use a resource. You have a finite amount of time, people, tools, and cash. Use them well and you thrive. Use them poorly and you stagnate. It comes down to a simple choice: I could use this $100 thing for project A or project B. Both […]

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Holy Harleys! Get your motorcycle blessed

I don’t know your faith’s view on motorcycling, but I know good marketing when I see it. Take a lesson from Blessing of the Bikes at the Madison Avenue Baptist Church: Figure out a way to make subsets of your customers feel special. They’ll appreciate it, and they’ll bring their friends. (Thanks, Merrill Richmond)

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