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Brand Suicide

Will someone please go to FedEx headquarters and give them a wedgie?  They need something to wake them up. They are killing the Kinko’s brand and replacing it with FedEx Office. 1. Great brands are priceless and irreplaceable.  You can’t create a great brand. You earn it with decades of marketing, customer service, and great […]

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Zen of Business Travel

This is a reprint of my post on Dell’s Digital Nomads blog: I am a very calm traveler. Despite the inevitable delays, idiots, and indignities, I rarely get upset. How did I do it? I decided that it was the only choice. When I was an angry traveler, I got upset, I stomped around, I […]

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Anonymity vs. civility

It can get pretty nasty online.    Much of this nastiness comes from anonymity. People post comments with a bitter meanness that they would never use in a face-to-face conversation. I’m not a fan of anonymity. I think people should stand by their words.  That’s why I’m one of the founders of the disclosure movement. […]

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Word of Mouth using Twitter

Here’s a simple example of how easy it is to get bloggers to talk about you: 1. Make something interesting 2. Ask a few people to share it Paolo Tosolini put a short, fun video on YouTube. He decided to test the power of Twitter to get the word out. He sent a message to […]

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Microsoft: Let your fans support you.

Microsoft just opened their first online store. It’s boring. It just sells software. The irony is that Microsoft is in the middle if a gigantic ad campaign to rally their fans: I’m A PC. I think it’s a fantastic campaign. It makes customers feel great. It’s the perfect response to Apple’s negative campaign ads. I […]

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The greatest testimonial ever

An amazing testimonial from Laura Dihel of JSH&A:   Thanks, Laura!

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Your job is to be amazing

A classic from Hugh MacLeod, November 2004: The primary job of an advertiser is not to communicate benefit, but to communicate conviction. Benefit is secondary. Benefit is a product of conviction, not vice versa. Whatever you manufacture, somebody can make it better, faster and cheaper than you. You do not own the molecules. They are […]

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The best social media monitoring program ever

You should be tracking the word of mouth about your company. You should know what is being said about you in blogs, reviews, and social media. If you’re a big company, you should hire one of the great monitoring firms out there.  If you’re a small company, you can do it yourself. Either way, it’s […]

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Why haven’t you started a word of mouth marketing program?

Word of mouth marketing is easy, fun, and effective.  You can do it with your existing staff, without spending money. We’ll teach you how at the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course.  It is the best way to get started. 5 guarantees from the Word of Mouth Marketing Crash Course 1. Practical, how-to course This […]

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