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We have a new method for creating websites: We sort of steal things. It’s hard to come up with a perfect vision for a new site on a blank screen. So we have the entire team surfing for inspiration. We look at hundreds of sites and see what we love. A little of this color […]

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Spam vs. Viral

Seth Godin is a man who defined honest and effective email for all of us. Permission Marketing and Unleashing the Ideavirus are required reading for our team. Here’s a healthy reminder of the biggest ideas in email from two of Seth’s recent blog posts: Is this spam? If you have to ask, it probably is. The […]

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Newsletter #902: The “Deals Worth Talking About” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] Most transactions in our everyday life are routine. We don’t think about them and we don’t talk about them. But it […]

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Abuse of trust

Did you ever wonder why so many consumers hate businesses? Often it’s because businesses take advantage of the relationships we have with them. When I bought a camera from Casio, I was pretty excited about the relationship. I bought several models over the years, convinced many friends to buy one, and blogged about them more […]

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Build it to be shared

When Seth Godin sells his new book, Poke the Box, in a 52-copy set — you know he wants you to share it. The quantity sends a powerful message about how something is meant to be part of a group experience. Like an extra-jumbo popcorn or a dozen Krispy Kremes.

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Complaints will hold you back

You can’t make everyone happy. Especially those that never want you to change. Great quote from Seth Godin: Every time Apple delights 10,000 people, they hear from 200 angry customers, people who don’t like the change or the opportunity or the risk it represents. If you have fans or followers or customers, no matter what […]

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You should read everything on this page

Seth Godin essentials for any marketer/entrepreneur.

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Seth Godin gives his birthday to charity: water

Seth is turning 50. Instead of getting gifts, he’s giving one. He’s asking all his friends and fans to support charity: water. Note the clean, simple strategy: A reason to give today A specific call to action: He asks you to give $50 or $500 It’s easy to do. Take a look at Seth’s post […]

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A classic trade show promotion

Seth Godin and Megan Casey of Squidoo gave out these shirts at an eBay conference. Click to see a close-up. The great copy speaks for itself.

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