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Social media is to be used for BLOWING PEOPLE’S MINDS WITH AWESOME.

Folks, the purpose of social media is not to spread little ads and promotions. Yick. Social media should be used to make friends with well-condsidered personal interactions. Here’s a well-played social media moment from a conference we hosted at Disney World. A guest tweeted: Disney responds:

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The best tweet you can send (Hint: It’s not talking about yourself)

It’s an answer to a customer who needs help or clarification. It’s an answer so good they’ll retweet it to all their friends. It’s an answer that will make everyone who sees it think, “I like these guys. I’ll go with them next time.” Bonus: Every time you solve a problem with a tweet, it’s […]

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Loyal Customer for Life

You don’t need to be a big business to be an awesome business. YourBagTag makes custom luggage tags for adventure travelers (and others). A customer posted to Facebook that they lost a tag 5 years ago — and never told the company. The company replaced it anyway, for free. Result: Thrilled customer, Facebook post, word […]

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Don’t put me on hold — on Facebook

If I walk into your store, you’ll help me right away. If I call, I may have to wait a bit, but someone will talk to me. The faster you respond, the happier the customer. (And if you put them on hold, you piss them off.) So why are you putting your Facebook customers on […]

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