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New FTC rules clarify the laws on sponsored social media content

The FTC just released an update to their “.com Disclosures” guide — the biggest update on social media disclosure laws since the 2009 update to their Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising, and the first update to the .com Disclosures since 2000. The biggest addition: Making it painfully clear that disclosure […]

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Common-sense wisdom in Coke’s new social media policy

Coca-Cola just released a new social media policy — and it’s full of common sense wisdom that every company can learn from. Here are my favorite parts: It’s only 3 pages. A social media policy should be a addition to existing company policy–you don’t need to start from scratch. Social media doesn’t change the rules […]

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How to stay in compliance under new FTC social media regulations

For a quick crash course in staying ethical under the FTC’s new rules on disclosure and ethics in social media, check out my live presentation from our recent BlogWell in Minneapolis. In addition to the live video, also check out: My detailed breakdown of the FTC document A quick summary of what the new regulations […]

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