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Why did you add me to your email list?

I didn’t ask. That means it’s spam. Simple as that. You’re not special. You hate it when people add you to to their spam list. So why would you add “just a few people you think are interested.” Even if they are, they now think you’re an idiot or an ass because you think you […]

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Zombies on my doorstep: End the phone book spam

I came home to find the walking dead waiting on my doorstep: phone books. Nobody asked for them. They just print them up and hand them out. 615 million phone books are printed every year. This is a filthy waste of resources: printing, delivery, landfill. Let’s end this already. At the very least, phone books […]

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A simple way to reassure customers that you’re not spamming them

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Congratulations to Facebook for fighting the spammers

Facebook just won a $712 million lawsuit against spammer Sanford Wallace. They deserve our support and congratulations for doing this. The bigger question: Why aren’t more companies doing more to stop spammers? The major email providers should sue the crap out of every spammer on earth. They won’t win often, but they’ll scare enough of […]

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Cleaning up fake reviews

Kudos to TripAdvisor for exposing businesses suspected of posting fake reviews. Read the full story from MSNBC. Everyone wins when consumer reviews are clean and honest:  Publishers thrive when readers trust their sites Consumers get fair and accurate reviews Scummy liars who post fake reviews get busted Folks, we're at an important time in history […]

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An ethical way to earn a living as a blogger

Many people misunderstand my ongoing opposition to spam-shop Izea as opposition to bloggers earning a living.  To be clear: Bloggers have every right to have a business, to sell advertising, and make a living — if you follow the basic rules of ethics and disclosure that have existed for decades in all forms of media. […]

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