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How long are your shirt tails?

A good men’s shirt has long tails (it keeps the shirt tucked in). A manufacturer can save millions by slicing a few inches off the bottom of every shirt. Bad companies look at this as a spreadsheet question: How much money can we save by reducing fabric quantity? But the most important data never shows […]

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No spreadsheet tells you when you’re being an ass

My wife calls one of the biggest investment firms to ask about rolling over her 401k. She asks a bunch of questions — but doesn’t give her name or phone number. She didn’t fill out any forms. And then we start getting phone calls from a high-pressure salesman. There is an official program at this […]

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Do not call

I get a sales call (8 PM, at home) from a company that I already do business with. I tell them to put me on the do-not-call list. They tell me that I may get more sales calls for up to 30 days. I mention that it’s against the do-not-call rules. They say “It’s OK, […]

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No means no

So I brought my family to the Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World — which is one of the most impressive retail stores ever built. An amazing shopping experience. We may have been there to buy a $30,000 party boat. But they’ll never know. Because we left annoyed. At the front door were six people trying […]

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