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Tag Archives: stress

Reduce stress on your team with one simple step

Have everyone turn email offline during the weekend. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work on email, just don’t actually send your messages. Wait until Monday morning. Every single message you send instantly slams your colleagues back into work mode — taking away their much-needed time to reflect, recharge, or work on their own weekend projects. […]

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You’ll be a happier person if you remove unnecessary complexity

A paper towel holder doesn’t need to be fancy. A stick will work: A device with springs and gears and 15 parts will break: A fancy stick, that looks nice in your kitchen, is the simplest solution that meets the functional goal (including the “looking nice” function). Lesson: Simplify your life by seeking the minimum […]

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Too many choices

More choice doesn't mean more sales.  Instead, it often frustrates customers and sends them to a competitor. Canon offers 20 models of small digital cameras. How different can they be? Dell offer 6 lines of consumer laptops in 14 variations, every one customizable beyond the 4 choices they suggest.  (Plus business, small business technical, and […]

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