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How many perspectives do you have

Problems always get easier when you look at them in more than one way.  If you and your coworkers think alike, you’re going to miss things that are obvious to folks with other backgrounds. Example: My engineer father-in-law sorted out all these puzzle pieces by shape. I would have done color.  Who is missing from […]

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How to get your whole team working together to provide great service

A simple idea from the Omelettry in Austin: The entire staff waits on every table — and every table gets great service. What is your version of this sign?

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Have you taken a moment to say thank you?

I really appreciated this post from David Armano, thanking his team at Edelman for a great year. He also shares a great quote about the rewards of being on a great team: I once heard Richard Edelman tell a story about being the best stone mason in the world vs. having the ability to build […]

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