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Older customers are better than newer customers

Everyone knows you make more money selling more to existing customers than you do from new customers.  But most promotions are focused on special deals for new customers. That’s expensive — and it often pisses off loyal customers who feel screwed. When’s the last time you improved things for existing customers? Here’s a fantastic example […]

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Which politicians are most corrupt?

State legislators in Texas and North Carolina are taking bribes (sorry, campaign contributions) from local auto dealers to prevent Tesla from selling cars in their state. They are calling it unfair competition. Unfair because Tesla’s Model S outsold the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, and Audi A8 last quarter? Unfair because Consumer Reports is calling the […]

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The new Tesla carpool program

They should start a Tesla Carpool program. (Really just a test-drive program, where Tesla owners give a ride to potential buyers.) Owners would be thrilled to show off their hot new car. They are passionate about the tech and the company. Fans would be thrilled to get a ride. Even if those fans don’t turn into […]

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