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Every test is a win

When you test ideas, it’s always good. The moment you do a test, you’re winning — you’re learning something new, you’re finding a better way, or you’re avoiding a mistake. There’s no such thing as a “failed” test. Tests aren’t Pass vs. Fail. Tests are A vs. B. You always learn something about A and […]

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Do the right thing, because it’s the right thing

Amazon was testing two different price points for the same offer. Some customers noticed that they weren’t getting the best deal. So, Amazon gave everyone the best price, even though most people never noticed. This is an interesting case because it’s OK for a company to test different prices and offers. Each customer got exactly […]

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You need bounty hunters

Google offers a cash bounty to anyone who finds a bug in their Chrome browser. And they make the rewards public. Result: A posse of volunteer bug-hunters who are excited to help solve problems. (And an internal team even more eager to catch the bugs first.) You should do the same. Reward the customers that […]

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