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Pull up a chair around the fire

The purpose of a trade show booth or tabletop is to get prospective customers to come in an talk to you. You want to have a conversation. But most exhibits do a lot to block that conversation: big TV screens, laptops between the exhibitor and the prospects, or having conversations standing in front of the […]

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Show it, don’t say it!

You can talk all day long about how great you are.  Or you can show everyone. Check out this great find by Matt Heinz: A booth by staffed by a woman in a balloon dress. How can you replace your brochures with a fascinating demonstration? Read Matt’s full post here.

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Meet me (and my product) at the trade show makes amazing cool business cards. Creative types love them. It’s in Moo’s interest to get creative types to be handing them out at a massive creative shindig like the SXSW conference. People will see them and want their own. So Moo made a smart offer: Free shipping and pick up your order at SXSW. It’s […]

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Remarkable name tags start conversations

Every trade show is awkward at the beginning. Most people aren’t comfortable talking with strangers. A truly awesome name tag breaks the ice by helping with the small talk. These examples from LEGO’s BrickWorld event do something else important: They recognize returning participants and make them feel extra special. They are rewarded for their loyalty […]

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