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Video: How Grainger makes their customers the heroes

This is a post from our project. Check it out for more great word of mouth marketing tips like this every day. Grainger supplies the stuff that helps businesses run: from janitorial supplies and fire extinguishers, to Lipton tea bags and labware. It’s the kind of stuff you probably don’t notice that often (and […]

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Newsletter #912: The “Help Your Employees Be This Awesome” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] Your employees are the face of your company. More than your commercials, ads, and marketing campaigns, the interactions people have with […]

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Word of mouth is the most trusted form of marketing

New research from the Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, which surveyed 28,000 people in 56 countries: 92% trust "recommendations from people I know" 70% trust "consumer opinions posted online" Which beats the pants off editorial content, traditional advertising, and search ads. Important questions to ask yourself: Why aren’t we investing in word of mouth […]

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Throwing away your reputation

Blue Bell Ice Cream is famous for their high-quality ice cream with all natural ingredients. It’s their entire brand: We proudly make Blue Bell Ice Cream the old-fashioned, traditional way, so it tastes just like it was hand-cranked. As you’d expect, we use the finest milk, cream, sugar and other ingredients money can buy. Then, […]

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Apologize before customers even know there’s a problem

Chase sent me an email apologizing for a website outage that I never noticed. Great move: I’ll trust them more. I’ll be more patient and forgiving next time it happens.

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Advertise your competitors to gain credibility

Gas station chain Murphy USA has a popular phone application called the Cheap Gas Finder that shows the best gas prices in town — even when competitor’s prices are lower. It’s genius.  Because even if you occasionally buy from someone else, you look at Murphy’s app, logo, and brand every single day. And over time, […]

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Show a little trust

When you exchange a defective product at Amazon, they send you the replacement before you’ve even sent back the old one. Usually it ships the same day and the send it express. They trust you. You’ll be more likely to buy again, knowing they won’t give you a hassle. Most merchants make you wait until […]

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