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Newsletter #1006: The “Problem Solved” Issue

[Welcome back to the Damn, I Wish I’d Thought of That! newsletter. This is text of the great issue all of our email subscribers just received. Sign yourself up using the handy form on the right.] Every once in a while, a product comes along that solves an issue everyone understands in a way that no one’s […]

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Nope. You don’t get to do this.

The CAN-SPAM law says your have 10 days to remove someone from an email list. The DON’T-PISS-OFF-YOUR-CUSTOMERS law says that’s nonsense and rude. Whoever permitted this screen to be written needs to focus on customer happiness before legal compliance:

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Why did they unsubscribe?

Why don’t you just ask them, like SmartBrief does in their unsubscribe page?

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How to keep your email list from shrinking

You may be losing people who unsubscribe from your email list who don’t really want to. They may like your messages, but you’re sending the wrong stuff or mailing too often. How to fix it: Add choices to your unsubscribe page. Ask unsubscribers if they want to get off the list completely, fewer emails, or […]

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How to lose 10 – 50% of sales with bad email practices

When someone asks to be removed from your email list, it has to be INSTANT.  Same day, right now, never get another message. Yes, the CAN-SPAM law says you have a few days. But it doesn't matter, because leaving someone on your email list after they unsubscribe is just dumb. What happens? The customer gets […]

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