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Super easy

Want to get people to change their behavior?  Take away the excuses. When I bought a new cell phone from Amazon, it included this envelope to recycle my old one.  If it hadn’t been for the envelope, I would have thrown the old phone in a drawer.  HP does the same thing with used toner […]

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Give a gift that sticks around

Companies waste a lot of money on one-time giveaways and gifts that get thrown away.  The world does not need another custom mousepad. If you're going to give something away, find something that is going to be saved or displayed for months or years. This fold-up shopping back from the UPS Store is always in […]

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The best social media monitoring program ever

You should be tracking the word of mouth about your company. You should know what is being said about you in blogs, reviews, and social media. If you’re a big company, you should hire one of the great monitoring firms out there.  If you’re a small company, you can do it yourself. Either way, it’s […]

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