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What’s the simplest way to make life easier?

How do you find your car in the parking lot? This little paper reminder will help. Other garages probably came up with some much more complicated schemes. This works well, and it’s easy. So ask yourself: Is there an easier way to solve the problem? Is there something we can do for a few bucks […]

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Getting the basics right

User interface design is hard. When you look at a website and just don't feel good about it, that often comes from a poor placement. You can't find what you need, you get frustrated, and you leave. Big companies have this problem (click for close-ups): HP: Why is "Basics" the 4th tab?   Apple: Why […]

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Quiz: Fax machine, car radio, or …

Take a careful look at this control panel. What do you think it's for? It's an oven. This is the worst example of over-complicated product design I've ever seen.  As you can imagine, my 93-year old grandmother can't figure out how to bake a potato with it. Finish this sentence: "A suitable punishment for the […]

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