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How to know when your user interface is bad

If you have to tell people how to use it, then you’ve made it too complicated. Example:

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I’m going to buy 12 burritos if you make it easy for me to buy 12 burritos

Take a look at this fax-in order form from Chipotle. No, fax isn’t as cool as an iPhone app. But it’s a lot easier to pass this around the office, get it done, and get our food. Are you missing an obvious way to help your customers buy more from you?

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The real lesson of an iPhone app

So many things are easier to do on an iPhone. For a lot of things, it’s easier to do business via a small app than the company’s main website. Companies get excited and (correctly) are happy with a great app interface. But there’s a bigger lesson (and opportunity): Maybe your app seems so great because […]

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Is there a simpler solution?

Look at this parking lot payment system. You stick your money in the slot. They probably get a few cheaters. But they save a fortune on the cost of a full-time employee or maintaining 100 parking meters. And it’s a ton less work. I’m sure a deal with an independent tow truck company handles enforcement […]

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Sometimes innovation is not necessary

I stood with a crowd of people in an office building lobby, looking for the “Up” button for the elevator. Then we saw this panel. You are supposed to key in your floor.  Then, when you get in the elevator, it takes you right to your floor. Unless you get in the wrong elevator.  Because […]

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It’s not going to work until you make it simple

I had two experiences recently where well-meaning environmentalists tried to get people to recycle — and it backfired. Each case involved three garbage cans and detailed, complicated signs explaining what went where. It was too hard, people got flustered — and everything went in the trash.  Simplicity rules: It's better to get a few simple […]

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Getting the basics right

User interface design is hard. When you look at a website and just don't feel good about it, that often comes from a poor placement. You can't find what you need, you get frustrated, and you leave. Big companies have this problem (click for close-ups): HP: Why is "Basics" the 4th tab?   Apple: Why […]

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Creepy is wrong

A lot of people are creeped out by Facebook right now — because folks are getting friend suggestions that are a little too familiar. Here's what happened to my wife: Facebook suggests she friends 3 of our neighbors. She has never given our address on Facebook or connected to those neighbors in any way. She […]

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