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You lost the sale because you got greedy

I was interested in these awnings for my patio. I wanted to find out where to get them and what they cost. But I couldn’t, because they wouldn’t answer either question until I coughed up all my personal contact info. Bye bye! When you force people to give you information when they don’t want to, […]

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Tell me when you’re going to fix it

Websites go down. We understand. That’s why I love this courtesy note: “Let us email you when the problem is fixed.” We understand that things go bad. It’s your graceful handling of the situation that makes all the difference.

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The worst place to put an email subscribe form

We have certain places that we expect to see things on websites. Search goes in the top right corner. That’s the convention that web designers have chosen, and web users have learned to expect. So don’t put any other form in that spot — especially your email subscribe form. If you do, you’ll have an […]

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The real lesson of an iPhone app

So many things are easier to do on an iPhone. For a lot of things, it’s easier to do business via a small app than the company’s main website. Companies get excited and (correctly) are happy with a great app interface. But there’s a bigger lesson (and opportunity): Maybe your app seems so great because […]

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Don’t distract your buyers

I’m 11 screens into trying to buy a laptop — and I get offered a video camera. Now I’m going to leave the order process to go research these cameras and see if it’s a good deal. They better hope I come back. Lesson: When you’re close to closing a sale, don’t do anything (no […]

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Eeew. You made your move too soon.

I saw a really cool recruiting management tool, and I wanted to check it out for our company. I clicked on the link and looked for detailed product information. Instead of showing me how great they are, the vendor demanded my name, company, title, email, and phone.  Bye bye. Imagine if you walked into a […]

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Why do you still have a cheap-looking, homemade website?

It’s amazing to me that companies that will spend $5,000 on a brochure will freak out at the same price for a website that will be seen by 1000x more people. All of your sales effort, all of your marketing, all of your credibility is wasted when the ready-to-buy prospect sees a cheap site. It […]

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Dirty pictures of Brett Favre, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Jason Aldean

What’s with the little targets over their man bits?  Screenshots from Lesson: Test your web sites. Test them in front of teenage boys. Your team has been staring at the site for weeks.  Get a fresh perspective to catch what you’re missing.

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