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The original WOMMA Ethics Code

The Word of Mouth Marketing Association is the leading organization for word of mouth marketing ethics. We founded the group first and foremost as an ethics organization — to raise this worthy practice to a higher level. We were raising the bar, with a plain-English call to action. We committed to inspire others to do the […]

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Fundamental Principles of Word of Mouth Ethics

Word of mouth marketing is first and foremost about ethics and earning the trust of our fans. Here is the opening that I wrote for the original WOMMA Ethics Code in 2005 (it has since been watered down by lawyers). 1.  Happy, interested people will say good things about you.  It’s doesn’t take much more […]

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Reviews we can trust

WOMMA and Bazaarvoice are teaming up to do something great: Together they’re establishing new industry standards to strengthen the integrity of consumer-generated reviews. This is good for all of us: marketers, businesses, and consumers. When customer feedback is honest and transparent, the good businesses win, marketing gets easier (and more fun), and we as customers […]

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What is word of mouth?

Great thoughts from WOMMA and Room 214.

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The influence of word of mouth marketing

This fantastic infographic from WOMMA says it all. Learn more at the upcoming WOMMA Summit.

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How to measure word of mouth

Forrester’s “Three Steps to Measuring Social Media Marketing” suggests six categories of social media metrics: 1. User reach describes how far and wide your messages spread. 2. User impact describes how your efforts change consumers’ actions or opinions. 3. Volume of participation describes how many customers interact with your social initiatives. 4. Quality of participation […]

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How to create buzzworthy topics — live with WOMMA’s John Moore

We’re bringing together an all-star group of word of mouth marketers for Word of Mouth Supergenius: The “How to be Great at Word of Mouth Marketing” Conference on December 16 in Chicago. We’ll feature 12 how-to classes, 12 real-world case studies, and 6 brilliant authors. You’re going to learn practical, hands-on techniques to get people […]

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Word of mouth marketing: A higher mission

Word of mouth marketing is more than just a marketing technique. It's a movement. It's a movement that says we believe that the only path to success is earning the respect and recommendation of our customers.  Our work empowers people and gives them a voice … a process that can never be reversed. If we […]

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Can word of mouth marketing get me in trouble?

Intro: The U.K. is introducing a new bill that states that some stealth marketing practices are illegal. Honest word of marketers already oppose those particular practices, but it's time for a review. (See update below.) 1. Word of mouth marketing is safe and legal. Honest word of mouth marketing is when you inspire your fans […]

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