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#1.04: The “Get Fresh Leads” Issue

1 > Spread The Word: Let customers do your marketing
2 > Share Resources: Find a partner, host a sweepstakes
3 > Use The Tools: Supercharge your surf
4 > Check It Out: Create a font for only you!

1 > Spread the Word: Let customers do your marketing

Bounty Systems, provider of viral customer acquisition solutions, swears by customer referrals as a surefire way to generate new prospects. During summer 2001, home management Web site myHomekey set out to boost site traffic by teaming up with a YMCA summer camp for kids. Bounty Systems created an application used by the YMCA to reach out to local supporters and encourage them to visit myHomekey. In exchange, myHomekey agreed to donate $5 to the YMCA camp for every new visitor referred through the Bounty Systems acquisition program. The program offered myHomekey an efficient, automated means of customer acquisition through simple of word-of-mouth marketing.

The lesson: You can develop the world’s most sophisticated marketing collateral, but in the end your greatest asset will always be the satisfied customer anxious to forward your message.

2 > Share Resources: Find a partner, host a sweepstakes

Hershey’s was looking to build its brand online. Uproar wanted more visitors to its game show destination site. So they teamed up, pooled their respective resources, and generated a whopping list of prospects. Hershey’s and Uproar designed a cooperative sweepstakes where Hershey’s printed 200 million Reese’s candy wrappers with the sweepstakes URL, and Uproar designed interactive Reese’s branded games on its Web site. Uproar promoted the sweepstakes in its weekly opt-in newsletter, and on its Web site. Between June and August 2001, 1.3 million people entered to win a trip to the Hershey’s factory, and another 2.7 million entered to win a year’s supply of free candy. The campaign will continue through this holiday season.

The lesson: Buddy up with another company in an arrangement where each of you does what you already do best. Hershey’s prints candy wrappers and Uproar creates games. But by joining forces and combining efforts, their everyday tasks saw extraordinary response.

More info: iMarketing News, August 6, 2001

3 > Use the Tools: Supercharge your surf

Looking for an effective new way to generate qualified leads? Then look no further than your intern force. Take note that everyone you’re looking to meet is online somewhere. So rev up your interns and send them prospecting. Once upon a time, GasPedal Ventures was on a mission to build from scratch a database of reporters and in-house press contacts. We set a team of interns to work on scouring all press release distribution sites daily, opening each Internet-related press release, and entering media and reporter contact information into a newly created database. Within a matter of weeks, we had a database of more than 3000 qualified leads, at the cost of a dinner for one aggressive team of interns.

The lesson: If you’ve got the interns and they’ve got the time, then fresh lead-generation can be easy with a little creativity. Think about where your target prospects hang out online. Pay them a visit and get in touch.

4 > Check it Out: Create a font for only you!

There are plenty of fonts available online, from Cacophony to Kablam. But now, for under $30, you can create a font that looks like your very own handwriting at All you need is a printer, a marker, some forms, and a hand, and you’re ready to go. Simply fill out the forms complete with each character from the alphabet, send them in, and in three days, you’ll have your computer generating what only your hand could do before. This you’ve got to check out for yourself.

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