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12 essential word of mouth marketing skills

  1. How to be Awesome on Twitter and Facebook
  2. How to Respond to Feedback, Posts, Comments, and Tweets
  3. How to Stay Ethical and Out of Trouble
  4. How to Create Offline Word of Mouth
  5. How to Create and Promote Your Blog
  6. How to Work with Online Reviews
  7. How to Create Buzzworthy Topics
  8. How to Create Word of Mouth on Zero Budget
  9. How to Inspire WOM with Customer Service
  10. How to Work with Bloggers and Influencers
  11. How to Measure Word of Mouth
  12. How to Create a Fan Community

You’ll learn them all at Word of Mouth Supergenius: The “How to be Great at Word of Mouth” Conference, July 20, New York City

Meet the fascinating experts teaching each class here.

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