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1,499,000 people saw this for free …

…and it’s still a top-selling concert video on Amazon.

Every week, several thousand people watch this David Gilmour concert on YouTube. It’s not a clip or a bootleg — it’s the entire DVD in HD.

I don’t know where you come down on the copy protection/illegal downloads issue. But getting 1,000s of people to watch — and share — a product seems like an awfully good way to get great word of mouth for a five-year-old product. Some people will be happy with the YouTube stream, but plenty are buying the DVD. Maybe it works because they are sharing the best version of the product (not a clip) with clear links to buy it.

Copy protection is the opposite of copy promotion. Copy promotion is also known as marketing.

How can you get thousands of people sharing your product with friends who might buy it?

P.S. I hope that I’m rocking this well at 65.


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