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$1999 headphones?


These $1999 Fostex TH-900s are the first thing I saw when I googled headphones.

Who needs $1999 headphones?

I don’t know, and it doesn’t matter — but it brought me to HeadRoom, a site that reviews high-end headphones. The next thing that happens, of course, is that I start exploring the site, learn about their passion for the product — and buy a pair of $60 headphones.

The lesson: You need to do something buzzworthy to get attention.

A little more, a little better, a little different isn’t enough. Not enough to get noticed, to get customers, to get investors, to get talked about.

Some say you need to be 3x better, cheaper, or more interesting to change human behavior.

Be OUTRAGEOUSLY more interesting. It only takes one little thing.

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