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2 steps to achieving true excellence

Step 1: Put someone in charge of watching the details.

Step 2: Make sure everyone knows that the details matter.


Example: I’m staying in a very nice hotel with exquisite branding. Everything is perfectly designed. They even change the floor mats in the elevator from “Good Morning” to “Good Afternoon” to “Good Evening”. 

That’s Step 1. Some awesome design team made this place great. 


But — there’s a crappy, ancient, loud ice machine outside my room. Every guest that has stayed in this room has been disturbed. But the real problem: Every employee who has set foot on this floor knows it, too. But none of them have felt it was their place or in their power to get it fixed.

That’s Step 2. And it requires a deep culture change.

But it’s the only way to be truly excellent, because you can’t rely only on the top people to make it great. There are just too many details.

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