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#2.02: The “Fun With Email” Issue

1 > Motivate employees to really drive sales
2 > Send TV commercials through email
3 > Close the sale with easy access
4 > Check It Out: Make the most of media coverage

 1 > Motivate employees to really drive sales

Your employees sell your product, communicate with your customers, and manage your operations — so do what it akes to keep them happy! MaraStar Communications has developed a series of Animated Business Cartoons that provide training, boost morale, and recognize the achievements of individual staff members through humor.

These cartoons — which can be displayed on a corporate intranet, deployed through e-mail, or incorporated into PowerPoint presentations — promote teamwork, support diversity training, deliver company announcements, celebrate birthdays, and more. The product is reasonably priced, simple to install, and demonstrates your commitment to motivating and developing your employees.

The lesson: Although closing sales should always be a top priority, consider the people who are doing your selling. There is no more effective sales tool than a satisfied staff. Let your employees be your most glowing testimonials.

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2 > Send TV commercials through email

Although TV commercials are a great way to let prospects and customers see your product in action, the expense of producing them can be overwhelming. Now email technology from Whitespeed can take your existing video assets and create a TV-style commercial that includes animation, photos, and music. These commercials are embedded into emails and delivered right to your prospects’ inboxes. What you’ve really got here is the dynamic experience of a TV commercial combined with the pass-along value of an email. So if your commercial hits the spot, not only can a prospect become a customer, but that prospect can drive referrals by forwarding the commercial to a friend.

Imagine the virus you could create with a TV-like commercial streamed right into your emails.

The lesson: You’ve got multiple channels you can use to market to prospects. So why not consider rolling two channels into one campaign, consolidating your assets and really making waves?

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3 > Close the sale with easy access

Zagat Survey launched an email campaign powered by Radical Communication technology that enabled prospects to complete an entire purchase of Zagat Survey products without ever leaving the body of the email. The email message sent to Zagat prospects included an HTML advertisement for the Survey books as well as a fully operational shopping cart right beneath the ad. Prospects were able to purchase items without having to visit a Web site. They could also forward the email to friends who would be interested in making a purchase. The idea is to reduce the sales process to the least number of steps needed to close the sale.

The lesson: If you’ve got a stand-alone email strong enough to sell your product, then close the sale right then and there. The easier you make the buying process, the more likely it is that they’ll buy.

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4 > Check it Out: Make the most of media coverage

Press coverage, expert witness gigs, and speaking opportunities at conferences and on talk shows offer tremendous branding value. But these opportunities are not always easy to come by. Take a look at “Talking Heads: Making the Most of the Media” written by Susan Tomai and Bill Connor, for tips and tricks on scoring media exposure and making the most of your 15 minutes in the spotlight.

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