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3 buzzworthy displays that don’t cost a thing

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Most brick-and-mortar businesses have in-store displays, and most are doing the standard marketing stuff with them (like decorating for the holidays). But as all word of mouth marketers know, doing what everyone else is doing is a bad way to start conversations.

Here are some refreshing displays that start conversations (and don’t cost a dime):

1. Smarter product displays
2. Customers’ creations
3. Behind-the-scenes view

1. Smarter product displays

T-shirt shop Uniqlo didn’t add seasonal decorations or flashy signs to make their T-shirt displays stand out — they just folded them differently. In neatly stacked piles, each shirt is staggered to reveal the whole design across multiple shirts. The stacks look so cool that people even take pictures with them. When was the last time you wanted to take a photo with a stack of clothes?

2. Customers’ creations

Tons of small foil sculptures cover the shelves, ledges, and windowsills of the dining area in every Freebirds World Burrito. Customers are encouraged to make these little sculptures from the extra foil wrapped around their burritos — and people love them. One guy even made a whole blog dedicated to his Freebirds foil art. Everyone gets to be a part of making the Freebirds store more interesting, which is a great reason for them to tell their friends about it.

3. Behind-the-scenes views

To show their burgers are made from fresh ground beef — not frozen patties — Texas burger chain Mighty Fine lets customers see how they make them through a giant window into the kitchen. Instead of an expensive marketing campaign, they just put in a window to show what they were already doing.

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