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4 types of content people love to share

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No matter the tools, the technology, or the platform, great content will always start conversations. There’s going to be a new social media platform next week (and the week after that), but the one fundamental thing used to start word of mouth is great content.

Here are some types your fans will show their friends:

1. Fun stuff
2. Training stuff
3. Timely stuff
4. Secret stuff

1. Fun stuff

Fun stuff is some of the most passed around content because, well, it’s fun — and you get extra points for something personalized, interactive, or engaging. How many times have you been sent a holiday eCard from Jib-Jab? The reason this stuff survives so long and continues to be shared: it’s a lot of fun.

2. Training stuff

Everyone has something they can teach someone — so why not share it? McCormick shares recipes, tips, and an “enspicelopedia” for using their herbs and spices and keeping them fresh. These are quick, casual, and easy to share. This kind of content is great for word of mouth because you can show off your expertise while giving your fans something that helps make them look smart to their friends.

3. Timely stuff

People love sharing content that talks about what’s already on their minds. For example, Austin’s Sugar Circus offered an End of the World deal on their cupcakes for December 21 when the Mayan Calendar was predicting our doom. They’re not the only ones. Etsy sent out an “It’s the End of the World As We Know It” email the same day featuring survival-themed products. That’s a fun and timely word of mouth topic. When will your customers be the most excited about your content? How can you make it fit what they’re already talking about?

4. Secret stuff

You probably do a lot of cool stuff behind the scenes that no one ever sees — this is content that people love to share. For example, every year the Vail Ski Patrol keeps the slopes safe by setting off controlled avalanches, and they make these simple videos of the process. To them, this is just annual maintenance, but to everyone else, this is a cool look behind the scenes — and something worth sharing with their friends.

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